A graduate in Arts from Loyola college, Chennai. Living in a place where I was born and brought up here.


Books by P.Haridas

This book is about my life and my struggle against epilepsy and three kinds of seizures. I lived with this deadly disorder for more than 40 years before becoming 100% seizure free at the age of 45 through neurosurgery. The book highlights on how my life was affected by epilepsy in many ways before surgery and how it changed drastically after surgery. Epilepsy took a huge toll on my life and health and infact ruined my career and didn’t allow me to come up in life. It also didn’t allow me to live in peace and happiness because of different kinds of recurrent seizures that can strike at anytime, anywhere or at any place. Epilepsy brought lot of difficulties and embarrassment from others and became a burden not only to me throughout my life but also affected many people, my parents, relatives, society, superiors and colleagues of all the organizations where I worked. Epilepsy that was my friend and ruled the whole period of my life before surgery became my foe immediately after my surgery. With its downfall my life has changed drastically such that I am not only seeing huge difference in my health but also massive changes in my family, in my outlook, at home, at work place and particularly in my life. I have seen more than 50 changes in my life after surgery which cannot be easily expressed in words. In writing this book I wish to create awareness for epilepsy sharing my surgery experiences and the difference in life for the wellbeing of underutilized patients who have been completely lost. Sending a message about surgery benefits through this book will open the eyes of the blind and will help them to see that one day they too can follow my steps and lead others out of darkness.

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