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1. Venkappa, an pure minded farmer blessed by Angel. 2. An young boy, who lost his father, blessed with killing power. If it is used for selfish, he is villain. If it is used for the the benefit of society, he is the HERO. 3. Innocent Kannappa, who gone to live as outlaw, but brought back to life stream. 4. Doubting Siddappa suspects God and his eyes were opened. 5. Animals need not be slaves. They loose their originality in slavery. 6. A tiny creature also can plan a murder. Ruler should not neglect common man. 7. A garden watchman brings out learning talents in mischievous children. 8. Siphon - story teaches play-lesson. 9. Diwali - narrates a story behind festival. 10. A tiny creature like ant also can do wonders. 11. Rats or men who don't need to do hard work creates problems. 12. Tinku black mails with dreams. KALA UMESH, Author ...

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