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First of all I thank you for reading my book, I think that this story is what like “right thing on right time”, this is the need for present time, if we see then we find that the condition of woman is not as it is to be, this encourage me to write on this topic, and as I am a man, it is easy for me to understand the condition of a man without woman, it’s unbearable and I think that this story is like perception for those who behave with woman cruelly. I do not want to prove that only woman are important, no we too are important, if we are the tree then they are our roots, and if you read history then you find that in several places woman play a big role so remembering this we have to treat them as they deserve, then they treat us as we deserve. We have to look further for our good future, and for that we have to give respect to each other. And we have to know that we are the best Creation of our LORD, so why we fight? Why we don’t live happily? Think over that and once again heart full thanks for reading my book and apologize... if someone’s feeling hurts from the book. I have to say ‘Life is like something rare, rare happiness rare sadness, rare chances rare misses, rare beauty rare ugly, its all about rare destiny, overall it is small, ended with sudden ends... so enjoy it do not destroy it.’

Have a happy life ahead…

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