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The Claddagh Heart is a romance novel set in the backdrop of revolution. It was a revolution that brought massive destruction in Ireland, not only in materialistic terms, but destruction in relationships. Many families were destroyed over a period of time. Many mothers lost their sons, and many wives lost their husbands. The Irish revolution was long stretched, and the aftermath of revolution saw more destruction. A new definition of love began to evolve in the post revolution era. People were seeking escapism in one way or the other. The protagonist of “Claddagh Heart” too seeks escapism, and it is this escapism which creates the difference in relationships. Steve is back at home after fighting the war. In the IRA camp, he was the celebrated comrade and everyone liked his patriotic attitude, but at home, his family has come to hate him. It is seen that Steve is not able to win his family’s heart. He has to struggle through thick and thin. It is a relentless struggle before Steve finally makes the settlement. “Claddagh Heart” is where you will find people struggling and redefining love for their own petty means. It is a time where everything is going awry. Love is not easily obtained, and it is being taken over by hatred. People are finding the alternatives. What does love mean here? Welcome to ‘The Claddagh Heart’.

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