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There is nothing spectacular in my life. It's the story resembling to those Punjabi refugee families who opted for migration instead of conversion. While sacrificing all their assetts and connections for the sake of Hinduism they decided to move over to the fractured, divided India formed hypothetically as a result of compromise between the British Empire and Congress leadership. Its the story similar to those valiant families who defied all the obstacles to cross over to the whimsically modified boundary of the country, moved like vagabonds in search of livelihood and some how niched a corner for themselves.

The motivation and inspiration of Parent was the foremost factor in my upbringing. After Graduation the admission in prestigious Lucknow University, a Master Degree in Public Administration alongwith the Law Degree, initially serving a National Newspaper as Staff Reporter, shifting to Mumbai, switching over to business with the help of relatives and finally establishing a industrial unit with export potential is my introduction in brief.

When the National leaders stoop down before their adversaries or foreign powers because of selfish motives or fear of adverse reaction, the entire Nation even the future generations suffer. The history of the past several centuries is full of distorted facts and misleading conclusions. We have been sentimentally exploited under the guise of Hinduism and Nationalism. Digging out the truth and enlightening the common masses for better awareness of forthcoming dangers is my sacred mission. Pray the super Natural Powers bless my effort and strengthen the Nationalist forces.

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