Nishant Verma

Life's Macchiato

Books by Nishant Verma

Sitting in your favorite corner sipping a hot cup of macchiato whose beautiful layers gives you a glimpse of life. Just like each layer of a macchiato has a distinct color and flavor, life has multiple flavors to offer-sweet, bitter, creamy or mixed. Each sip is different and each step of life gives you a new flavor to identify.

This book is a collection of life’s flavors which range from an innocent sweet comedy of errors, warm nostalgic moments of reminiscence to a serious look at us and our relationships. Take this book in your hands like a warm cup of Macchiato and with each page you can savor it like a sip of coffee- either take a moment to enjoy the flavor or devour some more pages to discover more facets of life. Take your pick of a story- you never know what flavor you get in that story. Drink it, slurp it and quench your thirst for life.

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