Indie Author Championship #6

Arinjay Ghosh

Passionate writer, engineering student
Passionate writer, engineering student

Arinjay Ghosh (pen-named Sebastian Willman) is an Indian passionate author. He writes novels, short stories and crime thrillers. He lives in Kolkata.Read More...

The Cry 2: The Prequel

Books by Sebastian Willman

You cry when you are happy. You cry when you are sad. And you cry when you are dying…

The life of a woman falls in danger when she decides to run away from her cruel husband one night. Helen and her daughter Minerva were saved by a kindhearted man in Brighton. But when he knew about her cruel husband, it took him less than a minute to recognize him.
It is his responsibility to shield the girls from that man. But things are not that si

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The Lift

By Arinjay Ghosh in Romance | Reads: 155 | Likes: 0

    Anubhav was just about to get in his car, when he heard a girl calling him. In the midst of the torrential rain and not much light source nearby, he was puzzled at first. After hearing the voice for the third time, he looked around, searching for its source. And within moments, he coul  Read More...

Published on Apr 26,2020 10:23 AM


By Arinjay Ghosh in Thriller | Reads: 236 | Likes: 0

She got out of the tuition class with a smiling face. The teacher had praised her after a long three weeks. She could not wait to tell her mom about it. As she walked out, waving at her friends, she was confused. She expected to see the silver coloured sedan car parked beside the yellow double-store  Read More...

Published on Mar 31,2020 03:50 PM

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