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Vamshi Durgam

Author, Poet, Writer, Voracious Reader, Humanitarian,
Author, Poet, Writer, Voracious Reader, Humanitarian,

Vamshi Durgam, a writing prodigy, is an Indian English Poet, Writer, Freelancer, working as a volunteer with many NGO’s and Non-profit organizations, working as a content writer for few online websites and Literary magazines. Most of his poems are featured in many Anthologies as well as Poetry magazines. His passion for writing dates back to his early childhood ages when he realized his intrinsic knack of writing after nailing every writing contest held over the school and nearby societies.
    When asked of his inspiration for writing he puts it simply saying "Poetry comes to me as naturally as breathing. Writing was something already in me, something I discovered completely by accident". His writings mostly intensifying on human emotions and tantrums, moves the reader from the heart. He has a diploma in English Literature and Creative Writing course. He also worked as an English Teacher in a secondary high school with a motto to instill the grains of English in little minds of students. He is working as a freelance writer for many online literary magazines. He recently made his mark in the spiritual literature having being enlightened by the wisdom imparted from Adi Shankara who claims him to be the best poet in the history of humanity he had ever seen. 
   He claims that his latest anthology "Petals of poesy" is a product of that so-called epiphany which is a collection of 100 verses he meticulously penned in command of Goddess Lalitha.


Petals of poesy

Books by Vamshi Durgam

An anthology of 100 verses presented to Goddess Lalitha Parameshwari, travels from exploring the depth and hidden secrets of each body part of Devi alongside of unfolding the truth of life. While first half of the verses dedicated to the physical beauty of Devi and the representation of truth with beautiful metaphors, poet unveils the secrets of Kundalini yoga, tantras, and methods of worship with fabulous metaphorical verses in the next half. Petals of poesy is

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