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Jasmin Hajro

Entrepreneur & athor
Entrepreneur & athor

Hello.. Thank you for visiting my authorpage.My name is Jasmin Hajro, I am born in Bosnia on july 6th 1985.I lived there the first 10 years of my life, when the country was in warwe fled to the Netherlands. We still live in the Netherlands, where I went to school...In my puberty my parents divorced, I couldn't handle it and fled into drinking to much and using a lot of drugs. Which got me in a coma for a couple of hours. After that I got sober and clean and got my life in order. It was difficult but everything got better because I got better, except that I was changed because of a bit of brainRead More...

Challenges in having your own business, in real life

Books by Jasmin Hajro

Are you in business for yourself ? Are you an entrepreneur ? Don't we read books written by other business people ? That talk from reality , from real life, from experience ? Don't we wanna get better at it ? Don't we want to learn from others who walk the almost same path ? Do we want to learn how to persist ? Do we still enjoy an exciting these times ? This book has it all and will have you thinking... this is insane....but it all happened... For

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Hackers are scouts

Books by Jasmin Hajro

The problems I encountered with it
and my solutions...
I hope it helps you...
You also get an interview Q and A
and a book about writing and selling books
with it....
If you think that from just reading this book

your life will change...

Don't bother to read it...

If you understand that you get results

from taking action on what you learn...

and you are a starting author

or just have a boo

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Through The Crisis

Books by Jasmin Hajro

It's a weird time... How did I get through it ? What did I do, being a business owner and author... In this whitepaper & book I tell you all about it ... The book will help you get through all kinds of times.. The book that I did not want to write. Including painful moments and tough times. But I did it anyway, and it helps you to relativize & overcome your tough times. Piece from the book: Aging sucks It sucks, right? Every year, you become a year old

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Secrets of writing and selling books

Books by Jasmin Hajro

If you understand that you get results from taking action on what you learn...

and you are a starting author or just have a book or 2 finished...

And want to reach more people with your work and sell more books...

Then this book is for you..

some strategies on writing and selling your books from real life experience.

No false promises, because like Brian Tracy says : ''it takes 7 years to master a skill or build a succes

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Always employment & always money in your pocket, everyday

Books by Jasmin Hajro

This bundle has 3 books for you, book #1 Helps you to find lifetime employment. book #2 Helps you to reduce stress & live happy. book #3 Helps you to get your money affairs under control, helps you save and invest in a responsible and simple way, so that your money grows & keeps growing. This book teaches you where you can find work every day, can earn every day, and have money in your pocket every day. Where you can be trained, and the track record of y

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Victorious series

Books by Jasmin Hajro

book #1 Build your fortune (to improve your finances with this patented financial system) book #2 Moneymaker (to improve your business) book #3 Recipe for Happiness (to reduce stress and live healthier and happier) book #4 the lifebuoy for banks ' loyal banking ' (to save the bank) book #5 the Ultimate Winning Strategy for entrepreneurs ( to focus and improve your sales & business) book #6 Poems, jokes and book (to enjoy and laugh) book #7 Victo

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