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Raviraj Mishra

A writer, storyteller and a software engineer
A writer, storyteller and a software engineer

Raviraj Mishra, born in Pune, India is a writer and an entrepreneur. He is the author of the book - The Feeling of Being Loved. He started writing when he was 12 years of age and soon he developed a habit of reading stories and creating one for himself. He started blogging from 2014. His blog mostly consisted of short stories or dramatic scenes. He wrote more than 50 short stories and poems before he started working on his first book - The Feeling of Being Loved. Being a newbie in the publishing world he decided to publish a short book of his 11 selected stories for an experience. The book was called '11 Stories - Stories of Love, Life and Everything'. It was published in June 2019 and after 5 months, he published his first full novel "The Feeling of Being Loved"


The Feeling of Being Loved

Books by Raviraj Mishra

Shruti, a software engineer has a wish to be truly loved by someone. In her journey, she has two companions - Meera and her talking rational mind. Her idea of love and respect guides her to take some strong decisions. The feeling of being loved is the story of those rational decisions taken by a distracted mind to make things alright.

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11 Stories

Books by Raviraj Mishra

We all love stories. Whether we are reading them, listening to them or writing one. We always seem to enjoy stories in all forms. In fact our life is full of small stories. So here is a book with 11 articles from different genres. They all have one thing in common, they all have stories

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Just a Love

By Raviraj Mishra in Romance | Reads: 521 | Likes: 4

"Can we have a dinner together ?” was all I could ask.The day of the my so called date started all smooth making me shiver from morning to noon. My heart kept pacing whenever she entered my thought and my heart would stop whenever she left my mind. All day I was at my edge planning, trying, wa  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 04:35 PM

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