Chetan Shah

Chetan Shah, has been a part of the ever growing ‘Hospitality Industry' for the last 8 years. He has spent substantial time living the life of a hotelier and then forayed into teaching at IHM Mumbai. Currently he is a hospitality trainer working in New Delhi. His articles have been published in housekeeping journals and he has also reviewed books on hospitality. His interests are diverse which include reading, travelling, photography, cooking and strumming guitar.? Read More...

Chords of Love

Books by Chetan Shah

When the skies are grey and the trees are bare, when my vision is blinded by showers of rain and the road ahead is a puddled lane, when the songs of the larks are frozen in the air and the pall of winter bleakly stares, lo and behold, my heart is warm for the flame of love still flickers on…

Beatings of the heart when cupid knocks, are these the callings of fools? Why do we always need to exert our minds? Can’t we abandon reason for a few good things

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