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When Komal, a small girl from a small town, pities her life full of miserable and tragedy events. She begins an unknown journey without knowing any consequences. Fortunately she finds her way to what success was for her. Getting to this stage of her life makes her feel like she has reached the sky. Eventually, when she realized of what she had achieved made her senses fall and success took over her. Will she be able to come back to what all she had lost before ge

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The Years Passed In Guilt

By Riddhi Mishra in Mystery | Reads: 154 | Likes: 3

it was a warm evening when i was ambling down the lane."hey Mel!" i said in excitement when i met an old best friend of mine...  "cara! long time no see".... we walked down the street to the coffee shop, we talked for an hour by which i got to know that she worked in the same hospital as I. it   Read More...

Published on Jul 6,2020 07:22 PM

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