Amrut Pattnaik

Amrut Pattnaik, (born 13th September,1991)to Indian parents had his schooling from St. Aloysius Anglo Indian High School, Visakhapatnam. He currently pursues Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering at one of the prestigious private engineering colleges in Eastern India. The first book of his, 'The Horror Nights' had been penned down by him while still in school. 'The Horror Nights' has in it all the childhood stories he had come across, concerning the paranormal in the interiors and villages of India. His second book being 'A Tryst With Hell', part love story, part revelatory, is based upon his experiences during his stay at the engineering college hostel. Read More...

The Horror Nights

Books by Amrut Pattnaik

Tuhin, a regular city lad, goes into his ancestral house in a visit to his village. There he meets Swaraj. Swaraj agrees to tell him some ghost stories but on some terms and conditions. Does Tuhin follow everything or end up dead, Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to The Horror Nights. This book is the culmination of listening to uncountable folklores that revolve around the paranormal in and around the interiors of India. These wonderful stories, so

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A Tryst With Hell

Books by Amrut Pattnaik

Engineering is aimless without Cigarettes, Back-papers and One-Night-Stands. This is what Aryan had made out in the very beginning. A blind race for the vices, an unresponsive love affair and college politics leaves Aryan frustrated, tired and lonely. Then he meets Zaps. The definition of life changes.

A revelation about life, Rediscover Love, Relive your Youth and Enlighten yourself about your Tryst With Hell.

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