Eknaath Nagarkar

A commerce graduate with a penchant for writing. Ever since taking VRS from Bank of India, has been pursuing his twin hobbies - Acting and Writing. Has been writing articles, middles and letters to the editor in leading English dailies like Deccan Herald, Free Press Journal, Afternoon Dispatch & Courier etc., & late Minoo Masani's monthly FREEDOM FIRST. His debut novel: A Touch of the Mystic has now been published by Notion Press, Chennai. As an eBook, it has already been on the Amazon.com site since 2013 bearing the title: The Good, The Bad And The Weird.

A Touch of the Mystic

Books by Eknaath Nagarkar

While Johnny, the billionaire, is engaged in philanthropic activities, his elder son, Ramesh, is secretly dreaming of becoming his sole heir! Will he succeed in his devious schemes?

Bank Manager Pandurang Rao’s son, Akul, is obsessed with the glamour world! Even according to meshtru’s astrological prognosis, the boy is likely to succeed in his chosen field. Just how tumultuous is his journey going to be?

Krishna Prasad, the police chief, has already read about Akshay Karnad having brainwashed all the residents of Amartara Apartments. Krishna Prasad and Johnny are friends first and cousins next. Meshtru now approaches them with an unusual request. His daughter & son-in-law in their brainwashed condition are about to remove their son Rahul from MIT, Manipal. The boy had secured first rank in both SSLC & PUC and has just another 2 years to complete his B.E.

“At stake is the future of 18 students including 16 in the tender age-group of 4-6 years old, Krishna Prasad. You need to do something immediately because there is no time to lose…" pleads the old man.

“What is involved here is ‘violence of the subtle kind’, meshtre; something unknown to law! Moreover, none of the victims are complaining,” says the police chief.

“None of them would ever do that because they’re all in a brainwashed condition and…”

“Sorry, meshtre. I’m helpless.”

This is when meshtru decides, ‘The only way open for me now, is to take on this demon, Akshay Karnad!'

He is in a dazed condition! He leaves home, kirpan in hand! And Akshay Karnad is murdered! His wife, Aparna, claims to have been witness to meshtru stabbing him.

Young Akul disgusted with the celluloid world has finally decided to turn a detective! Will he succeed in saving meshtru from the gallows?

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