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A Date with the Soulmate

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The contents of the book are life inspirational, motivators and full of moral values and ethics. The purpose of the book shall serve as a handy ready reckoner and correct the mistakes of life and never fail and always succeed without any ego. Innocence is the flavour of the book which is adorable area very lovely and god willing will be liked by all ages readers - including children's because the small moral stories read and listened have been crafted on almost all the grounds of life from - Greed, Luck, Fear, Proud, Be what you are etc. The journey of the book will be very heart touching to the readers because its all about ups and downs of life, comforts and pairs of life, success and failures, innocence and over confidence. The main reason behind the contents of the chapter isto live lifewith principles of life, with some dignity with some efforts, without any fear, pain, hurt, love the life as it comes and do the best and leave the rest is the mantra of the book. The karma theory is also scripted without the influences of false Ego of the doer's activities in the chapters.

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