This is the story about an interview of a boy. This interview is the live interview which is very popular show in America. And Mr. Davidson (an interviewer) who works in this news channel is searching a suitable person for it. None of his interviews select in this live show. He only knows one thing that if his interview selects in this show he will be popular. It does not mean that he is not popular. He is also novelist but not earn that fame which he wants. He wants a young talented guy rather than a well-known personality whose life was not easy as normal guy. After going in so many universities, his journey ends in the one of the top university in America. He checks out the detail of every student and stuck on the one name i.e. Alone. This name is weird for him. His profile impresses him. And he thinks that he is the suitable boy for his interview. But Alone rejects his proposal. After doing many impressed techniques, he tells a sort incident of his life which is popular in overnight on his news channel website and selects by his channel for upcoming interview. He approaches him but he rejects. Because of less time to present the interview, Davidson takes a forceful way to take his interview in which he uses a trick. In which, that guy tells about their past experiences. He tells to Davidson that how a struggle life he faced from childhood to till to reach here. He faced a language problem to get the admission in the school? Why he is selfish person. He did not have enough money beyond which he continued his study. Why did he started to smoke then drink then take drugs? And after happen one incident with him which forced him to left drinking and drugs.

He tells to him about a girl who came in his life in the college. Tell the college days with her. How the bonding of him with her became strong. He tells all the moments which he spent with her. And in the last, why did he refused her propose. Problems were not end here in his life. How was he trapped in between of violence people? In the last, what problems he faced to reach to his dream land.

Apart from that he did lot of things. So, a challenging life he has gotten which he accepted and faced all the problems. How does Davidson present his live interview? What type of tricks he applies to present this interview into live interview. And in the last episode of interview, why does Alone convinces that he loves her? One of the interesting co-incidence of his life that he has died three times at the time to left the three places in sheriff record. A lot of turns come in this interview. This interview carries some romantic, some dedication, some emotionalist and some funny lines. It also shows the height of frustration. This novel gives also a splendid message to the young generation and common people which is the positive point of this novel.

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