Geetika Jain

GEETIKA JAIN was born in Lucknow, India. She has lived in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and now lives in Delhi. She has traveled well in India and overseas. She is passionate about food, music, writing and traveling. She studied at Delhi University and has worked as an Analyst in the corporate sector. This is her first book.


Simi goes through a life changing experience which renders her defeated and dejected. She reaches a null point in life right in her early twenties. It's about how she realizes her dreams, hopes and aspirations, earnestly moving into a happy and fulfilling life. The thoughts and emotions that Simi expresses reflect an unfailing attitude to life, growing up with each experience. We find her rediscovering herself gaining a better stance at each endeavor. This book has been written over a period of seven years and is a collection of diary entries made while going through the highs and lows associated with real-time success and failures in Simi's life. About the Author GEETIKA JAIN was born i...

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