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varun chopra


What would you do if you wake up one morning to find a hundred million dollars in your bank account? Would you: Buy a new home? Get yourself the fi nest accessories? Travel to the most exotic locations on the planet? Find love in the most unexpected of places? These are the questions and the aspirations that take us on a journey with UV(aka Uday Veer Singh), a broke, homeless and hopeless young man, when one fine morning, blessed with the nine-digit figure, with no clue as to its source. Overnight his life went from ‘shit to hit’. UV grabs the money and jets off to Amsterdam in search of ‘drugs and chicks’. But there’s no such thing in life as a free ride Soon sinister visions and blackouts begin taking over UV’s life, forcing him to face the one hundred million dollar question: Can money buy me a new life? All love stories should have a happy ending… But will this one end in disaster? Join Uday on a rollercoaster ride through love, life and unprecedented wealth as he fi nds a purpose to live and unravels a few dark secrets about himself... as he awakens from his 100 Million Obilivion ...

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