pinky bokadia

Sex, Lies and Cricketgate

Books by Pinky Bokadia

Aaliya is the sexy, Kazak cheerleader hired by the Bombay Badshah team. When her sister Aasiya is accused of murdering her boyfriend, Aaliya's world comes crashing around her. She wants to get away from it all and leaves her academic career behind to join the glitz and glamour of Mumbai.

Aaliya finds herself in the midst of the heart-pounding adrenalin rush of the BCL and now there’s no looking back.

From Rohan, a young lounge bar manager, to Abhishekh, the suave owner of the team, from the ravishing Pabla from Spain, to Hemang Badani, her only cricketer buddy, she meets and makes many a friend and enemy…

The problem is, she doesn't know whom to trust amid the chaos, the secrets and the intense mind games people play… will Aaliya survive the battle? Will Aasiya ever forgive herself? Will detective Rajeev Mathur stumble upon the absolute truth about the sisters?

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