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Pankaj Rajput


An atheistic millionaire is forced to find and help his long lost friend achieve self-realization in a mystical City of Nine Gates known only to the Gods and the wisest sages of the Advait and the Sankhya. Assisted by other friends in the City, he leads the City on an inward enlightening journey, only to realize at the end who his friend is, what actually the City of Nine Gates is and who is that beyond all regions knowing which one never comes back …

“When the Gods

descend to devastate,

When Kalyuga

meets Apocalypse,

Out of a Billion,

Only one strives,

Of those who strive,

Only one achieves,

What those sages realized,

and you still haven’t,

knowing which,

one never comes back.

Rise O’ Cities!

It’s time

to liberate,

It’s time,

to realize…” ...

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