Anil Kumar Garg


The new government rode to power with nearly unprecedented public support with huge expectations. People had been simply convinced that Narendra Modi did have concrete plans in his mind to kick start Indian economy for rapid growth. Naturally, all eyes were set on the first budget presented on 10-7-2014. Unfortunately, it proved to be anti-climax. It did not contain any major policy decisions. There was certainly no game changer. It was an ordinary budget exercise that the previous government had been going through for a full decade. True, it is only the beginning and future can still be bright, but the point is that the new government does not appear to have assumed office with some homew...

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Introduction: Author is a Chartered Accountant with 32 yrs experience incl. half as entrepreneur. Aggrieved with India’s status as a bottom performer, he has analyzed most issues concerning legal, economic and administrative environments in India preventing it from reaching its potentials. India ranks close to bottom in almost any international surveys when it is one of the handfuls in space launch or super computer technology, resplendent with vast natural resources and a huge domestic market blessed with young population. English speaking population and deep routed legal and corporate systems should have been a bane of envy for most of the emerging economies and yet, we are a la...

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