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Brain under the shadow of machine

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There is a strong belief that by studying natural sciences we can understand the laws of the universe and apply them more consistently and in better ways than nature can. Nature has produced life, the brain, and intelligence. However, science and nature are vastly different forces. The human brain is like a powerful computer that stores our memory and controls how we as humans think and react. It has evolved over time and features some incredibly intricate parts that scientists still struggle to understand. For decades computer scientists have been trying to build machines that can calculate faster than the human brain and store more information.

The brain is a deviously complex biological computing device that even the fastest supercomputers in the world fail to emulate. Well, that’s not entirely true anymore. Researchers from Japan and Germany have managed to simulate a single second of human brain activity on a very, very powerful computer in 2013. It took 40 minutes with the combined muscle of 82,944 processors in K supercomputer to get just 1 second of biological brain processing. While processing the system ate up about 1Peta Byte of system.

This book is the perfect answer for such kind of interesting issues. In this book, author explores the facts and figures between the most intelligent machines; computer and the human brain. This book contains exactly the line of reasoning that unveiled the real face-to-face comparison. The readers also get the viewpoint of many grand professors from various international universities. This book is a manual that explores the capacity of latest super machines as well as human brain itself.

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