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Dani Darius


The night, when Siddhartha will attain Nirvana. As he meditates under the Bodhi tree, insights and memories come rushing in. He had gone through periods of despair, mortification, and rage. There were other men who had been like a mirror to his consciousness. They have also travelled through the mire of Sansara. Men like the materialist–Ajita, the determinist–Goshala, and the agnostic–Sanjaya. This night, which may be so benign in its blessings to Siddhartha, shall also, like an assassin, hunt down and take away many a seer and a sage. Even as the Shramana–Siddhartha wills himself to find the truth, a Brahmin hymnodist, Arada, and his mentor, icon and friend, Rudraka will experience...

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