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Nilay Thakore


Nilay Thakore is an entrepreneur, researcher with a Masters Degree from University of Hertfordshire, England and Management degree from IIM. He researches and develops innovative products and has a particular interest in Indian culture and art. His company, Vyomshop.com, brings to light the lost and forgotten artwork and tools from India that beautify people’s lives and help solve today’s urban lifestyle challenges, while showcasing the craftsman ship and quality of hand-made Indian art from all over India. Researching and offering insights into the availability, usefulness, and opportunity of hand mudras was a natural outgrowth of his innovative thinking and passionate interest in India. These techniques have been used for thousands of years and yet, very little is truly known about how great the benefits can really be for creating the rich and happy lifestyle people want. For more information about Vyomshop, go online to www.vyomshop.com and explore the vast array of hand-made treasures from India.


Hand mudras are not new. In fact, they have been used for thousands of years across many cultures. Today, they can be found in daily use across the globe. However, they are most associated with Eastern traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Westerners most often associate hand mudras with meditation and yoga practice, however, their uses and benefits extend far further. Because hand mudras connect with the nervous system, they become a form of stimulation and communication between the practitioner, their body and the environment around them. Hand mudras have been used to communicate ideas in traditional dances, for deepening meditation, for achieving specific results, as well as for healing both acute and chronic conditions throughout the body. By touching specific nerves, parts of the brain and body are stimulated into action, generating physiological responses that yield very real results. AKASH MUDRA -Intuition & Detoxification BHUTADAMAR MUDRA -Blocking negativity RUDRA MUDRA -Highest Good MUKULA MUDRA -Healing & Radiance BRONCHIAL MUDRA -Respiratory Issue Relief SHANKH MUDRA -Speech & Voice Quality DHYANNA MUDRA -Deep Meditation ASTHMA MUDRA -Asthma Relief HAKINI MUDRA -Concentration VITARKA MUDRA -Wisdom & Discussion ...

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