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Bibhash Choudhary

Author · Astrologist & psychic
Author · Astrologist & psychic

(1) He is a Chartered Accountant (CA), Cost and Management Accountant (CMA), Executive MBA(Fin), LIII and Honours Graduate in Commerce. He is an All India Rank Holder and have received more than 15 accolades in his educational pursuits
(2) In the field of astrology he has been conferred upon the title of ‘Vidya Vachaspati’ (Doctrate in Astrology) and a Gold Medal from MCVA for his outstanding contribution in the field of astrology science.
(3) In 2015, he authored a book titled ‘The Only Complete Compendium on KP Astrology’ which was acclaimed as the ‘largest selling title’ in November’ 2015 by the Publisher. This book is even referred by Astrology Institute for teaching their students.



Books by Bibhash Choudhary

In ‘Bhagwad Geeta’ Lord Shree Krishna has stated that before birth itself, every native is destined for all fortunate/unfortunate events which will occur in his/her life. Through KP Astrology, it has now become possible for any person (not only an astrologer) to pinpoint factual favourable/unfavourable events occurring in the life of a native along with the timing details for fructification of such event(s). In this book all efforts have been made to compi

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Books by Bibhash Choudhary

The book describes the virtuous circle of relationship of unwritten rules which exists between boss and subordinates in work life through explaining all problem along with their analysis and remedies, which an employee may encounter in his practical work life.

The detail, information and illustration in this book has been made on the basis of practicality and not on theoretical basis unlike other books so that by reading this book one should not only und

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