Bharath K


Name: Bharath K Age: 19years Education: currently studying Civil engineering in University Visvesvaraya college of Engineering. Bangalore


Here is a young voice, and it throbs with the ancient urgencies of youth. This finely chiseled collection of poems presents the reader with hymns of love and paeans to purity; you will find explorations of lonely roads and excavations of nothingness. There are also more maverick probes into vagrancy and empty pockets. In these lines of poetry, Bharat makes lives meet, entangle and depart; destinies to encounter deaths, debts; emotions and attachments to chase one another…In other words, these poems shape the wor(l)d in the lambent planes of the poet’s imagination. Despite its brimful youth, this poetic voice is also measured, unhurried, possessed by the formidable knowledge that “Ever...

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