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Amar Lahiri Majumdar, a retired Banker, travelled extensively to different parts of India for conducting entrepreneurship development programmes; the whimsical writer in him published his work, say articles, just to share his feeling and his passion with others. One can say “jotting down of a few incoherent scratches in establishing a meaningless identity”. Amar Lahiri Majumdar is not just an author but a collector; a collector of experiential learning, information and news. At the age of 72, the idea of penning down some words flashed when he read a news item on illegal electronic transfer for siphoning of fund in a reputed Bank; an old-time Banker, he felt uncomfortable with the modern system of electronic banking transactions and system. He opened his information store, organized his thoughts and started writing; Tanya, Raul and Christine turned out to be living characters. In this book, Master’s Degree holder in Political Science and a Banker attempts to share his own psychic kick.

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