Amar Lahiri Majumdar, a retired Banker, travelled extensively to different parts of India for conducting entrepreneurship development programmes; the whimsical writer in him published his work, say articles, just to share his feeling and his passion with others. One can say “jotting down of a few incoherent scratches in establishing a meaningless identity”. Amar Lahiri Majumdar is not just an author but a collector; a collector of experiential learning, information and news. At the age of 72, the idea of penning down some words flashed when he read a news item on illegal electronic transfer for siphoning of fund in a reputed Bank; an old-time Banker, he felt uncomfortable with the modern system of electronic banking transactions and system. He opened his information store, organized his thoughts and started writing; Tanya, Raul and Christine turned out to be living characters. In this book, Master’s Degree holder in Political Science and a Banker attempts to share his own psychic kick. Read More...

Jinxed Treasure

Books by Amar Lahiri Majumdar

When Tanya, a renowned model turned business-woman and owner of Couto’s Empire, living in Lisbon, Portugal, inherits a treasure from one of her Indian ancestors, she does not know what horrors it holds for her.

There are conditions – she must be unmarried at 29 and she must invest the treasure in the reorganized territories of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bhutan.
As she fulfills the conditions with the

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