Arvind Kumar Bugga

Murder in New Delhi

Books by Arvind Kumar Bugga

Topnotch business executive Rahul Mehta is found murdered at the unlikeliest of places – a big, fat Indian wedding in the multimillionaire Gupta industrialist family! There are suspects galore: Several members of the Gupta family who resented Rahul's success and his brazen affair with the glamorous widow of one of the Gupta brothers. The dead man's wife Kamini. Tagami, Rahul's arch business rival. Even canny politician, Sitaram Kesri, Minister of Industries. All of them had the opportunity as they were guests at the wedding and ample motive, too. So who killed him?

An advertising professional, Shankar Sood, gets drawn into the investigation by chance but the police soon develop respect for his capabilities. Totally baffling and unexpected developments unfold after the murder, including sex scandals and newspaper leaks. Just when the police have almost given up hope, Shankar is able to put all the pieces together and solve the riddle. Murder, love, money and power: All the elements of a racy read that you won't be able to put down!

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