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Sumaiah fatima.

I am a happy and satisfied teenage writer.
I am a happy and satisfied teenage writer.

Sumaiah is a student and an author by passion. She wants to express her views by her books. Her books are very intresting and joivial. 


The Drastic Year 2020

Books by Sumaiah Fatima

Virus, lockdown, work from home, protests and many more drastic situations. 2020 has been very stressful to everyone, but don’t you wanna know about all the events that happened in the world. 

The book is a brief explanation about the events that took place in the year 2020. Let’s go ahed and start our journey from January 2020 to December 2020….

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Sad Life to Savage Life

Books by Sumaiah Fatima

Happiness comes to us,  when we find its way.

This book may help to turn a boring and sad life into a very interesting and savage one. The book contains many emotions, tips and a beautiful  romantic story. Savage life is when you realize that you don’t need to care for everyone and when you realize that only few real people are better than thousands of fake faces

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By Sumaiah fatima. in General Literary | Reads: 104 | Likes: 1

Once upon a time, a boy was given birth by an english jernolist and his wife. They both were very happy. The jerounlist and his wife always used to fight over silly reasons and never used to forgive themselves. Their son was very serious about his carrer and wanted to become an IAS officer. He focus  Read More...

Published on Sep 15,2020 06:26 AM

My story

By Sumaiah fatima. in Crime | Reads: 84 | Likes: 1

Hey everyone, I am Sumaiah Fatima. This story was supposed to be real and I have myself found some clues of this story. Once upon a time, there was a family living in Hyderbad near the Air port (shamshabad). They lived happily there without any fights but not for a longer time. As the head of the fa  Read More...

Published on Sep 9,2020 07:51 AM

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