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Masiach Boniface Mundu Cohen

Poet, Priest, Principal and Writer
Poet, Priest, Principal and Writer

He has received a B.A. in English honours from BJB College, Bhubaneswar, an M.A. in English from Annamai University and B.ED from Ranchi University. His name is Boniface Mundu. He was born into Munda Cohen (Pahan) a traditional priest class family in a small hamlet - Anrilore, Parasi, Tamar, Ranchi, Jharkhand, on 20th May, 1972. His early education was in Kiruburu, Khunti, Chowka, and Chandil. After his Intermediate Studies, he joined the Society of Jesus of Jamshedpur Province to become a Jesuit Priest. During his life as a Jesuit, studied under Calcutta University, Utkal University, and RancRead More...


The Silent Short Stories of the Indus Israelites: The Mundas

Books by Masiach Boniface Mundu Cohen

This collection of short stories has Aryan Munda Characters from real life situations. The word Aryan comes from Aaron the brother of Moses in the Old Testament. The Mundas are Aryans: the Children of Aaron and the descendants of Levi according to the historical data. Elizabeth the cousin of Mary spoke Mandaic. The Mandaics are Aaron’s Tribe: the sons of Amram, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi, the son of Jacob and Leah. 

One group of Aaro

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