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Aliah Asharaf


Aliah Asharaf is a Grade 10 student studying at the prestigious Kodaikanal International School in India. This book is being published as part of her Personal Project. Aliah is a teenager who makes wise choices in life-defining moments. She is respectable, polite and caring to fellow human beings. She is a dreamer who ensures she takes right steps towards achieving her dreams in an outwardly, unhurried manner. The main character in her book, Un Amor – 1800 Miles Closer, reflects her personality to a large extent.


Un Amor - 1800 Miles Closer

Books by Aliah Asharaf

A Cuban woman escapes from her country to secure a life for her, her sister and her daughter in the United States of America, the land of opportunity. Political situations rightly cause twists and turns in her life. Will she be the immigrant who makes it through?

Un Amor – 1800 Miles Closer has the right proportion of love, romance and mystery.

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