Raghav Dwivedi

Mr. Raghav Dwivedi born in a small and unknown village of U.P. is an agriculturalist by profession. He is as much proud of his being a farmer as he is of his being a devotee of Lord Shri Ram. A true inheritor of his pedigree, he has been bequeathed with profound devotion and an unflinching faith in the lotus-feet of Lord Shri Ram. Carrying forward the rich legacy and varied heritage of his forefathers, he is engaged in cultivating not only crops but also devotional poems both in English and Hindi. ?His writing resembles nobody, he belongs to no school and he founds none. His a school in himself. His style has an incomparable ease, spontaneity and transparent simplicity. His diction is chaste and carefully selected. His words are clear and concise where arguments are necessary, musical and haunting in the passages of tenderness, buoyant and jaunty under the impulse of humour, picturesque and vivid in description, racy and precise in dialogues and stately in philosophic and meditative moods Read More...

Khushwant Singh's Narrative Art

Books by Lalit Kumar

The present study has a special concern about the narrative study in works of Khushwant Singh. The Indian social scenes and sights, manners and morals, joys and sorrows, social incongruities, domestic bliss and blisters and little ironies of life is the stuff his works are made of. Khushwant Singh’s presentation of the Indian scene, his concern for English thought, his indebtedness to his native land and his narrative art are the major concerns of the presen

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