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Amayraj Singh, a budding reporter with crazy questions is a new nightmare for most of the celebrities in capital. However, Harshil, a famous businessman had the guts to ignore him on most of the occasions. Amayraj decided to take his revenge by writing a fake love story under Harshil's name. One of the stories became a hot gossip topic for media and across the whole nation it started trending on Twitter as #Incomplete_Harshil. Enraged Harshil organizes a press co

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P.S. Be My Angel

Books by Baman Tadiwala

Bhavam Sharma, an engineering student, is trying to move on in his life after a break-up which occurred four years ago with his girlfriend, Preksha. He's deeply heartbroken, and slowly starts becoming isolated from people around him.

His only friend during these tough days is GOD. He communicates with him daily, every minute, every second, but even GOD doesn't care to reply to him. However, one day, nature is kind enough to gift him the girl who cares an

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