Poetry is one of the highest forms of art which comes alive in hours of deepest solitude.  It is like a divine intervention. It strikes just when the firmament of one’s sky is either too dark & brooding or lit up with the brilliant light of life’s great moments. No one can explain why or how this inner rhythm & rhyme starts weaving magical stories with words . But it somehow does. The mystery of this phenomenon cannot be explained but it can be enjoyed. Ladies  & Gentlemen, I present to you my rhythm & rhyme: my Melody of Silence ! ...

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Over confidence on meek financial capability of sequestered micro credit for the given task in poverty sector has led to unpalatable events such as moral deterioration of the actors and unethical market environ shaken by some recent micro finance crisis in many developing countries despite warning signals in the supply front. At the same time persistent vulnerability and deprivation, inequitably distributed even in poverty pyramid on the other in the demand side is evident. Both these factors primarily have caused a major ‘inclusive’ development concern at global level. In the given backdrop, the scope of the book is to critically probe in detail the gap between the Micro Fina...

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