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Tara has evolved spiritually to a condition of no mind. She sensed the inspiration and verses of spiritual poetry unrolling into her when she experienced herself in a state of vast infinite consciousness. This is her spiritual rage and emotion expressed in heroic poetry. This book is titled Stars because Tara witnessed the amazing stars of reality during her spiritual awakenings. This book is the untainted manifestation of the spiritual light and power felt within, and it is intended to transfer or transmit spiritual experiences into the reader's mind and body. The poetry is mantric in nature,Read More...


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The meaning of the word Stars is "Tarani," which can also be translated as "to cross over to the other side."This world is unconscious or asleep and the world on the other side is the world of spiritual super consciousness. Since life is the movement of a boat from the land of unconscious darkness to a world of super lit up consciousness, "Stars" or "Tarani" refers to the soul that brings about this crossing. It is this soul that causes you to cross over and t

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