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Shree Krishna & Neharika Saxena

God and a Veterinarian
God and a Veterinarian

Shree Krishna is our Lord God. He is the origin and end of all knowledge and also a co- author in this book. He is a romantic Idealist and a grave man at the same time. Strict but forgiving. He also has a flair for writing, his first book bieng the Bhagwad geeta. He lives everywhere and spends his time with his devotees and his gopis. Dr. Neharika is a Veterinarian and a PhD in Public Health. She is an avid blogger and loves to travel and explore new places.This is her first book which she has written in a devotional odyssey. She lives with her family in Ludhiana.  Read More...



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This book is a spiritual odyssey into the divine.Filled with magical drama into Lord Shiv's life,this book takes us on a journey into the stories of Shiv purana to the contemporary encounters with the great bieng. From the passionate story of Mahananda to the idealisr romantic Kanyakumari, the braveheart story of Battles fought. This book is a lover's tryst into his passion..and will make the reader fall in love again.

It has a beautiful conclusion&nbs

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