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Nitesh More


Author of 3 Life changing books called “ Feel the change”, “ Super 31 “ and Marathi Book “ Jivan Jivan Aahe ka ? “ Currently, He is working as an Assistant Director and a Script Writer in the Indian Film and Television Industry. He has written, Directed and Produced a Hindi Short Film Called “ BASURI-The flute” and a script writer of Marathi Short film “ NAKKI CHUK KONACHI ? “ He has directed a Marathi Ahirani song called “ MANA DILVAR KAYA RE VAAR “ Studied from Night college, Mumbai. He loves watching a movies, Writing, reading a books, Playing a cricket and travellinRead More...

Super 31

Books by Nitesh More

Most of us, Living a life in a past because Past has hold us tightly. Present is missing and Future is a Big ….?

Who will think about yourself, 

If you do not think about yourself ?

Who cares, 

If you do not care about yourself ?

Why don’t you forgive and move on in life ?We got only one life. 

Are we really enjoying ?


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Feel The Change

Books by Nitesh More

If you are looking for a change in your life then you must feel the change before change is going to happen. 

You must inform to your brain that I want to change. Once you inform, Our brain started to take an action on that because It has a tremendous power to bring that change in our life.

Nowadays, Everyone is struggling and we really need a changes in our life but before having a change, 

You must as

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जीवन जीवन आहे का ?

Books by नितेश मोरे

आपण सर्व जण जन्मालाच आलो आहोत मरण्यासाठी आणि हे सत्य आहे कारण आपण हे विसरलो आहोत नाहीतर आज हे जग किती सुंदर असते..... आणि ज्या दिवशी तुम्ही हे कडू सत्य स्वीकाराल त्या दिवसापासून

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