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Our passion for poems would never wilt and perhaps endure till lasting times.

 Find here a novel neoteric experiment in poetic landscape in which highly motivational & enrapturing poems of varied sorts have been presented quite deftly. Author has skillfully poured his decades of environmental learning and eclectic wisdom of life in quintessential form in this compact bardic work. Each poem injects a calibrated doze to galvanize thoughts on the chosen issue. A few poems also form part of mnemonics to imbibe green values among young readers. Esoteric knowledge concealed in holy Indic scriptures has also been revealed succinctly in some verses.

Assorted poems in Bardic Ripples section largely hinge around human experiences at different phases of life, about the fundamental relationship between the minds, other people and other things bringing forth feelings, passions & cravings& desperations of heart together with imaginations intertwined. They tend to portray convincingly genuine and sincere account of the life’s variegated experiences and simply reflect reality common to us all yet depicted in non-pareil style.

Novice to poetry, discerning connoisseurs or lifelong lovers of Rhymes, all would be captivated having cerebral journey through its pages replete with powerful, beautiful, inspiring & considerately culled words intertwined with umpteen illustrations & speaking images.

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