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Pradeep Gulati


Life is not meant to be a brief candle, but a flaming torch; however, sometime, the flame dies..... This sums up Victor and Anju’s story. Shy, awkward, introverted Victor Sood is the butt of many jokes and pranks from his high school friends, especially when he falls in love with his friend’s next door neighbour, pretty Anju. Fun-loving, confident, extroverted Anju loves to be the one playing the pranks. He is around sixteen, she is around fourteen. Both are on the threshold of adolescence, and opposite in temperament. It is 1975. There are no mobile phones, internet or even an easy access to telephony. There are no satellite channels, and TV is one channel a few hours a day, with movie once per week. Victor gives Anju access to his collection of comic-books, through a common friend, and gradually gains access to her heart. Time moves on. Victor embarks upon a career at sea while Anju migrates to London after High School. Their plans for the future are coming together beautifully, when fate strikes....... This is a heart-warming tale of young love. ...

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