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Murder at Rutherford Hall

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Set in 1946 England, Murder at Rutherford Hall is a gripping tale that will have you turning pages till the end to figure out ‘whodunit’! When Lord Rutherford disappears suddenly and unaccountably and his breathtakingly beautiful, young wife Celia flees Rutherford Hall, with blood on her hands, on a cold November evening, it sets off a chain of events that irrevocably changes the lives of all involved and consequently the fortunes of the entire family. Rachel Markham, Lord Rutherford’s niece and Jeremy Richards, an erstwhile Scotland Yard Detective team up to help the local police force unravel the mystery. Along the way, the charming characters simply pull you in to a setting of elaborate richness woven with bits and bobs of British humour and portraits of a bygone era where homes were large and beautiful, people dressed for dinners and life moved with a certain grace for the privileged. Against this enchanting backdrop, love and betrayal, life and death, laughter and grief, wealth and poverty come together to provide an immensely entertaining read.

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