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Lal Krishna


WHEN REALITY HAS SHOWN ITS EVIL FACE, THEN AND THERE EXISTS DREAM TO BALANCE IT. Though being born in an ordinary middle-class family, the dream world, he lives in for the sake of his own happiness made Gopal an extra-ordinary boy for himself. In his life journey he meets a monk who, was abandoned by the village and a gambler, lost everything in his life who is lovable for the same village; with so many questions running his mind Gopal meets the monk, who makes him learn the purpose of life, later Tarakesh who seemed just like a twin brother to Gopal joins his life journey and fulfills his purpose by telling him about the universal language. Who was the monk in reality? What is the purpose of life? Is it winning and losing in the game of goal? Who actually was Tarak? What is the language of the universe? Does it exist? Why should Gopal learn it? Where did the dreams made Gopal to land? Discover the answers to these questions of Gopal’s life in this breath taking journey of knowing one’s self and above all following our dreams. ...

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