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Ramesh Tehlani


‘SHE FELL (FAIL) IN LOVE… ONCE AGAIN…’ is a real life tale of Shreeti Sharma, young girl, working with private bank in small town Ajmer. In search of Mr. Right, she met some people in journey of life and fell in love with them.   In expectations of long life bond, she received betrayal with life changing lessons about pain, pleasure, sex, spirituality, social rules, ethics and corporate politics etc. After many experiences of failure and betrayal, now she fell in love…once again. This time, will she get long lasting love or will she fail in love, again? In her journey of search she learnt new things in life, like: Why Extra Marital Affairs are good for people... Why Sex before marriage is not wrong... How pain can give pleasure… Women gives sex for love, men gives love for sex... How to face corporate politics and recession… How one can increase his/her value in job and society by using ‘Quiwam Theory’ and ‘Why Apple is costlier than Potato Theory…’ And some new aspects of life… ...

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