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The Book Explosive Thrills-An Octogenarian Looks Back is a combination of the professional hazards and thrills the author experienced in his life and his career. Looking back over the eighty seven years of his life nostalgic memories of the long years he spent in the Department of Explosives come flooding into his mind. As his career revolved around Explosives naturally situations of risk were plenty. The writer had occasion to visit a large number of places in the country and had some spine-chilling experiences some of which are narrated here. His youth too was full of chivalrous happenings.
Today all these spine tingling anecdotes of his life have taken shape to form this book. The book has the additional flavour of smacking of our rich Indian cultural heritage.

It will make interesting reading. Written in the genre of Memoirs, the reminiscences are both public and private that took place in the author?s life. Written from the first person account the author in a brilliant manner snatches several moments from his life. In this sense the author is a memoirist and comes across as a motivational guru. His memoirs are an insight into his philosophy of karma and are a positive guide to the young and old alike on safety in life.

The book is written in a simple, practical and heartfelt manner and compels one to read further.

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