A.H. is the pen name of Author Pooja Addla Hari whose debut novel is "The Real Mission". A Passionately Ambitious Human who was born and brought up in Chennai, she is also a bibliophile, logophile, public speaker, science & tech enthusiast and music lover. As the world's only Indeator, a job that she invented by herself, she combines various areas of interest to constantly create new ideas. She is currently a Mechanical Engineering (Energy & Environment) major at Arizona State University and aspires to become a social entrepreneur in the field of clean energy and waste management and contribute to sustainable development. 

The Real Mission

Books by A.H.

Karan was a handsome young professional closed-circuit racer and three times National Champion, whose only love and mission was biking. A loner he was, with no friends by his side – in sharp contrast to his social butterfly-like brother, Sandheep. Their sisters, Karuna and Sandhana, lived a life of their own. All four never mingled.

Sandheep was the first to realise this flaw in their family and started to fix their broken relationship. However, they w

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