Abhishek Mohta (CALLRE)

Callre is a novelist, scriptwriter, screenplay editor and a poet who lives and works in Mumbai. He is a significant team member at Saffron Broadcast & Media Ltd.

Originally from New Delhi, India, Callre brings his 7 years of professional writing and editing experience. He is currently working on his second English-language novel, which is due to publish in 2018.

His favorite genres are inspirational and romance fiction. He believes in living life in a moment.


You can connect with him at www.artistcallre.com


Scent of An Undiscovered Writer

Books by Abhishek Mohta (CALLRE)

This is the story of a guy who started life in an ordinary way … but adversity and hardships prepared him for an extraordinary destiny. A fickle-minded youth, without really meaning to, becomes a graphic designer. Despite having passion to execute something incredible, he loses his path and becomes confused about the next day. But if he has to make it large, he should start making meaningful choices that would instill dedication

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