Adarsh G.Harakangi

Adarsh G Harakangi, a young and passionate writer, born and brought up in Bangalore. “The Awakening” is his first novel at the age of 17, and his promising attitude gives us hopes for more, in the years ahead. Apart from being a writer, Adarsh is a Football enthusiast and an outstanding student. His perceptiveness adds more content to his personality; making him ambitious, yet down to the limits of pragmatism. Adarsh, currently lives in New Delhi. You can follow him on Twitter: @adizeus5798 or email at adizeus5798@gmail.com Read More...

The Awakening

Books by Adarsh G.Harakangi

Then he found oblivion. His body jerked up in mid-air, yet he felt no pain. A sense of freedom, hope and inspiration filled his heart. As he crossed his arms on his chest, a strange feeling of solitude crept in, and through it he saw the enormous responsibility that lay before him. He was alone, deserted but powerful, tiny but self-reliant, he was human but Invincible.

David has had only one true friend all his life. Shaun has never been in love

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