Indie Author Championship #6

Aren Bjorgman

A Simple Nobody
A Simple Nobody

Aren Bjorgman is a stupid college student who enjoys art, literature, poetry, science, theology, mythology, sports and many more. Being too ambitious in this world proved quite difficult. Yes! He one day wishes to make a contribution in the field of science. Enjoys being mysterious and weird, and yet tries to dream big. He desperately desires a name for himself. Read More...

Frozen Ashes

Books by Aren Bjorgman

Are you afraid to be normal? 

Are you terrified of being forgotten? 

What are you looking for? 

Is there meaning in life?

To be normal is terrifying. 

To be forgotten is terrifying. 

Doing good in this world is difficult, but being evil is easy. 

How long can you take this?

How long can you wait for things to change?

No more. No more. No more. 

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