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BAF Consultants is a team of professionals who deeply and passionately believe in the institution of the family. The team at BAF researches, experiments and works in the area of human behavior in the context of family and close-knit teams. The core area of their work has two dimensions: 1.Strengthening awareness in individuals for understanding their own feelings and needs as well as those of others 2. Strengthening alignment between individuals by building their skills to find common ways to address their needs The key offerings include conflict resolution and strengthening of relationships iRead More...

Family Council Handbook

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Families around the world disintegrate due to a variety of reasons: difference of opinions, gap in value system and aspirations, and hurt in relationships. However, select families around the world have not only managed to preserve their togetherness, but have thrived well despite internal and external challenges. What differentiates these families from others? They share certain characteristics: presence of a strong internal champion, shared vision and goals,

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