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Baldev Bhatia

Through this marvellous scripture the author intends to guide the readers to achieve their personal goals with ease that would assist them to overcome all the problems, crises, speed breakers and the unforeseen negatives forces, in their lives, as not to get worried or disheartened or depressed in their lives if the influence of the transiting planets is weak or depressed and unfavourable. By scripting this book the author has put his entire life experience in promoting Astrology in various fields. He has done so in order to serve millions of curious readers of this science with a good intension of imparting them the real knowledge of Astrology through this marvellous scripture. The astrologer has been associated with Astrology for the past 45 years and has been practicing Astrology in various forms. His predictions have been very useful, purposeful, and a pin point to the service of mankind. He wishes success for all his readers. BALDEV BHATIA Read More...


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In Astrology, the planetary transits are important to understand the effects of planets on an individual at a given moment. Transiting of a planet means movement of that planet from one sign to another, and from one constellation to another. When it enters or makes a connection with any zodiac sign it shows some effects which can be either good or bad.

If the influence is good, it brings good or positive changes or events in life. But negative influence

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