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Chiranjeeb Das

Chiranjeeb Das, popularly known as Chiron was born in Assam, India, has an educational background in Management and Journalism Studies. He has worked for great organizations and his repertoire of work includes stints as the lead performing artist in films. Chiranjeeb is now engaged in public service. Various media outlets have published his articles and his poems, all of which have been highly appreciated the world over. He had represented India in sports at different levels and has also held positions in World Sports Organizations including a nomination as a Global Sports Goodwill Ambassador. He served as Head for the Asia-Pacific Region and also acted as Global Advisor to International Youth Sports Organization including sitting in various reputed International Advisory Boards. He also held advisory role in Government in the promotion of Sports and Youth Welfare. Chiranjeeb has focused on National and International Development, Conflict Resolution, Green Sustainable Development and Climate Change. He has aimed at addressing core issues through Sports, Education, Music, Art, Entertainment and Performing Arts. Chiranjeeb has the distinction of being called the ‘Green Man’ by the international community and worked with globally recognized stars and celebrities in the promotion of Green and Sustainable Development and in saving Mother Earth. He serves many impoverished communities through social work. Chiranjeeb’s Green Eco-Solutions including building Green Eco-Friendly Smart Sustainable Living Solutions, creating Green Economies, Life Solutions, Lifestyle Development and Enrichment of Life Values have found favour in all corners of the world. He believes in the mantra of Global Development but with respect to nature and the environment. Enriching life and doing everything to elevate the world to a better place to live for all remains his prime passion.

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